Roadmap's Screenwriting and Marketing Intensive (August)

Roadmap's Screenwriting and Marketing Intensive (August)

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Deadline to sign up is July 28th!

Roadmap's Screenwriting Intensive and Marketing Program is designed to help guide the writer and prevent you from throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something sticks. The program helps the writer strategize and create a solid path to success. All programs are taught by executives and the writer will work intimately with these executives to strengthen their material and to cultivate relationships. 

All programs are taught by different executives to ensure each writer gets in front of as many execs as possible!

Webinars - 4 per month
These 90-min. Webinars are hosted by industry executives and working screenwriters, covering a wide range of topics related to screenwriting and the industry each week.

$150 Open Pitch Session Credit (Weekends)
Pitch in up to 5 of our Open Pitch Sessions on the weekends and receive a personalized response/feedback from each exec on your verbal pitch.

Workshop (Tuesdays) - 1 per month
Writers submit up to 10 pages of their own material to the executive for prior review + questions & issues for the executive to focus on while reviewing the material. During the session, the writers take turns discussing their pages and receiving suggestions and advice from the executive in an intimate group setting.  This also includes an opportunity to keep in touch with the executive after the workshop. 

Challenge (Wednesdays) - 1 per month
An executive assigns the same writing challenge to the group where each writer will write a 3-page opening scene based on the logline the exec provides. The executive will review each writer’s submission prior to the session and then lead a discussion and critique with the group (limited to 12 writers).  This also includes an opportunity to keep in touch with the executive after the challenge. 

Pitch Roundtable (Thursdays) - 2 per month
A group of writers takes turns verbally pitching their projects to the industry executive and the exec will discuss strengths and areas of improvement specific to their pitch in an intimate group setting.

Combs' Corner
Roadmap's Creative Director Brandon Combs gives you a behind-the-scenes look at pitch sessions, interacting with executives, the life of an aspiring screenwriter, tips on staying sane, avoiding writer’s block, networking techniques, getting your work out there and more!

Ask Me Anything w/ Tarini Anand
Tarini Anand is not only Roadmap's Director of Education, she also has years of experience working as a market analyst for Artificial Intelligence!
In this session, you can ask Tarini screenwriting questions or about anything industry-related. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get clarity on any upcoming Roadmap Writers' programs or even throw out some ideas of your own!

Peer-to-Peer Sessions - Every Monday
In this Peer-to-Peer session, you will get on ZOOM with other Members to practice your screenwriting pitches with each other. There will not be a moderator or an exec present - this is just for extra practice with your screenwriting network! You may also choose to use this session for a Logline Clinic if you need help writing loglines, Tonal Comps, etc.

An Executive Mentor
Having a guide is key to navigating this industry. Roadmap will hook you up with an executive that you can correspond with during the month to answer any questions you have (i.e. you received notes and you want to know the best way to implement them, you are having trouble with your pitch, you don't know which companies to target, etc).