Pitch Prep Program (April) *4 Spots Left!

Pitch Prep Program (April) *4 Spots Left!

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"This is an awesome pitch program. Truly." - Michael Hager

So you're finally getting the hang of this writing thing - it's all starting to come together. But when it comes time to pitch it, your amazing story is not coming through - or worse, you freeze up and have no idea what to say - and you can't figure out why. Roadmap understands your frustration, which is why we've put together a Pitch Prep Program that revolves all around pitching and how to master your pitch! 

Train with the Roadmap Team and working industry executives to refine your pitch and figure out what's breaking down in translation and how to build it up! 

In this One-Month Program, You Will:

  • Learn how to structure your pitch
  • Learn the importance of tone and voice in your pitch
  • Practice with professionals who can help you identify where your pitch is weakest - and strongest
  • Gain confidence for the hot seat!

**Limited to 8 Writers!**

Included Benefits:

  • Pitch Prep Webinar with Chris Deckard, Manager @ Fictional Entity & Joey Tuccio, Roadmap’s CEO - Weds 4/4 @ 6:30pm PT
    • Chris & Joey will walk you through the general structure of a pitch, the different forms of pitching, how to handle different exec personalities during a verbal pitch, and you'll hear an example verbal pitch to get you off on the right foot!
  • 2-Week Written Pitch Clinic with Dorian Connelley, Roadmap's COO - Sun 4/8 & Sun 4/15 @ 6:00pm PT
    • Learn the basics of pitching and compose your watertight written pitch, which you will use to craft your verbal pitch. This is one of our most popular Clinics with consistent results!
    • Written Pitch Consultation with Briana Hansen, Roadmap's Director of Writer Outreach, or Alex Davies, Roadmap’s Coordinator
      • Get a second pair of eyes on your brand new written pitch! Briana or Alex will review your written pitch and do a 10-15 min. call with you to further discuss strengths and areas of improvement.
    • Verbal Pitch Prep Session with Brandon Combs, Roadmap's Coordinator - Tues 4/17 @ 5:00pm PT
      • All members of the Program will participate in an exclusive one-hour session with Brandon who will go over the art of delivering your verbal pitch, including delivering a pitch of his own as an example!
    • 2x Pitch Roundtables with Industry Executives - Thurs 4/19 @ 6:00pm PT & Thurs 4/26 @ 6:00pm PT
      •  A group of writers takes turns delivering their verbal pitch and receiving verbal feedback from the exec on strengths and areas of improvement specific to their verbal pitch.

    If you're ready to hit the ground running and start getting your work out there in the most professional way possible, this Program is not to be missed!!