Group Mentorship (Features & TV) - Mark Finley, Manager/Owner @ Metric Talent & Literary Starts Sun 7/8

Starts Sunday, July 8th @ 3:00pm - 5:00pm PT and will meet Online via Virtual Classroom every Sunday for 4 weeks. 

Limited to only 5 writers, this Group Mentorship will meet virtually once a week for 4 weeks for 2 hours a session. Each Group Mentorship will start with a lecture from Mark on different screenwriting topics. Then Mark will give each writer 20-30 minutes of personalized feedback on their pages (which she will have reviewed prior to the session). Each writer will learn from their own feedback and the feedback given to their peers.

Every week writers can bring in their revised submissions or new material. Each writer can workshop up to 4 scripts in one month!

Each writer can email Mark during the week so they are fully guided for the entire month. 

About Mark:

Mark Finley is the owner and manager for Metric Talent & Literary Management. Clients include name talent, highly credited film and TV writers, directors and producers. He also represents and advises financiers and film funds. Mark started in the music industry in the early 2000s where he created an indie label alongside an investor and a music manager. He made the switch to the film and television side of entertainment in 2011 when he was offered an associate manager position at Allen Edelman Management. With more of a desire to expand into the literary and production than Edelman, Finley left AEM and created Metric Talent & Literary in early 2013. The company has steadily grown in the years since. 

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