Roadmap Writers & MovieBytes Virtual Pitch Sessions

Roadmap Writers hosts online sessions where screenwriters can pitch their projects to specific industry executives who have provided guidance on exactly what they specialize in.
  • Screenwriters may choose to pitch verbally (8 minutes max via Skype or phone) or via a written pitch (2 pages max).
  • Following each pitch, the executive will provide feedback on specific aspects of the pitch which will be emailed back to the screenwriter within 2-3 business days of the scheduled session.
  • ​After booking your pitch, your confirmation email will contain the link to the Material Submission Form, where you will provide the info about your project(s), preferred method of contact and upload your material!
  • Screenwriters are required to submit their completed screenplays prior to each session!​
You have the opportunity to submit up to 3 projects for the executive to choose from for your pitch.
The executive will review your loglines and choose which ONE pitch to hear/read. (If you want to ensure that the executive hears/reads more than one of your pitches, you must book multiple pitches!)​​

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