Writing Your Best... Genre Series (June 2018)

Ready to dive into a new concept?
Don't want to spend ages developing the foundation and not even knowing if you're writing a compelling story?

Roadmap is excited to launch our Genre Series in June! 

We created 2-Week Online Genre-Specific Programs to help you lay out the foundation of your story quickly and efficiently with guidance from an executive that focuses predominantly on your genre!

Imagine an alternative to working on a project for years only to realize that it's not appealing to execs? That's where our Genre Series come in!

We hand-picked a different executive for each program to walk you through writing a:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Animation 
  • Biopic
Each 2-Week Clinic will include lectures, homework, personalized feedback and Q&A from your executive.

Ready to knock months off your development? Sign up now!