Career Writer Program

Roadmap strives to help develop Career Writers committed to their craft and ready to make screenwriting more than just a hobby. The monthly programs outlined below are stepping stones to help writers create the strongest portfolio and pitching materials possible while building relationships with industry professionals. 

Our feedback-driven programs put the Career Writer in immersive and interactive programs to make them as competitive in the marketplace as possible!

To get started, writers must first complete the Pitch Prep Program where they will hone their pitch and have plenty of opportunities to practice to ensure their pitching skills are at their very best.

Then writers complete the Screenwriting and Marketing Intensive where they put their polished pitch to the test and get familiar with the various formats and getting in front of multiple execs in a single month.

Following that, writers experience The Water Bottle Tour where they sharpen their general meetings skills and receive a professional assessment of their material.

After that, writers can be considered for invitation to Manager Track. Finally, when there is space in Top Tier (as it's limited to only 25 writers), writers from Manager Track can be invited into our highest level program!